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ps3 game that was highlighted on the cover of Game Informer when it was released earlier this year, Persona 5 is the new instalment in Atlus’ epic series of Persona role playing games. Set in modern day Tokyo, players take on the role of social links called Personas - the person that can bring their friends closer together. Players can form a party of three different Personas and go on a quest to expose an ancient conspiracy within the game’s world, whilst also tackling social problems in the real world. Persona 5 takes the persona of the Joker by bringing characters back from the previous games to return to Persona 4’s dark world. Fans of the original games will find familiar faces, such as Chie, Futaba and Junpei, amongst a cast of original characters. Whilst the previous games have allowed players to take on the roles of multiple Personas and alter their appearance, Persona 5’s ability to change your appearance is now much more immersive. Players can alter their appearance with a series of new outfits, forming a unique costume which fits with the character and gives them a stylish new look. Key Features Play as up to four characters with unique and powerful Personas An intricate and detailed anime-inspired world that gives you full control over your own destiny Tackle a wide array of daily problems in the real world Customise your characters’ appearance with a wide range of different outfits Take on the roles of people who have been turned into Personas by a mysterious organisation A dramatic and hilarious story about the dark side of the world Release Date The game will be available in stores on the 22nd of April, 2018. For further information on Persona 5, please visit: Dont want any Cd/dvd money? If you want help or donations in anyway, then please leave a comment below! QUESTION 1. Is this real?? (Caution! Some of the pictures are graphic, some are inappropriate, and there are some more serious photos and videos.) QUESTION 2. What kind of person can do this kind of things? QUESTION 3. Does he have any kids? QUESTION 4. How can I stay safe? QUESTION 5. Is he going




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